Master your mountaineering orientation skills by means of our advanced orientaion techniques

  • Map reading.
  • Advanced orientation techniques. Instrumental (compass, altimeter, GPS.).
  • Advanced orientation operations.
  • Introduction to GPS.
  • Itinerary design with cartographic references.
  • Itinerary sheets.


  • Ratio: 1 teacher, 12 students.
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Requirements: You mustn’t have any kind of medical condition that could hinder your progress during the activity.. Basic orientation knowledge according to the contents of the Level I course (assessment of sports curriculum).
  • Location: different Natural Parks in Andalusia.
  • Material: boots, backpack, water canteen and appropriate clothing, paper, pencil and protractor, SILVA compass and altimeter (if available), laptop and GPS.
  • Price: € 110.
  • Dates: exact date to be determined, some time in November.