Canyoning is an adventure sport that takes place in a river ravine. An exciting activity in the middle of the mountains

It means entering a labyrinth of water and rock following the random course of the river; where you will have to avoid rocks, cross waterfalls, slide down slides, jump, rappel, swim, or even enter a cave.

A very fun and adrenaline-filled activity that children ages 8 and up can do.

  • Duration: ½ day.
  • Ideal time: April-November.
  • Technical difficulty: low.
  • Physical Condition: low.
  • Price: from 40€.
  • Minimum number of participants: 4.
  • Includes: Mountain Guide service, necessary technical material, accident insurance, civil liability insurance.
  • Not included:travel and car trips, shelters, meals, VAT.
  • Mandatory material: lace-up shoes or trekking boots with good grip, swimsuit, towel, flip-flops, change of clothes, personal documentation.
  • Recommendation: underwater photo camera. If you wear glasses, bring a cord and if you wear contact lenses, bring swimming goggles.

To carry out the activity without a guide:

  • NEOPRENE RENTAL + CANYON TEAM: (helmet, harness with anchor ropes, carabiner, eight and booties) 25€

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