We take care of your training:

Our courses aimed at all people with interest to start in the world of mountain in the snowy mountain and summer mountain. From our company we believe that a good formation is the base of a practical correction sport, for that reason we design objectives and real achievable contents, to carry out activities of mountain with security and safety routes of low difficulty in high mountain.

Technical Winter Mountain Courses

Learn all the basic Winter Mountain progression techniques.

We will teach you how to plan routes through snowy terrain in an autonomous and secure way, in places where a rope won’t be necessary.

  • Winter mountaineering
  • Alpine climbining introduction
  • Advanced alpine climbing
  • Downhill mountain skiing
  • Ice climbing
  • Glacial rescue progression
  • Self rescue in snow
  • Nivology, avalanche rescue


Technical Summer Mountain Courses

Learn all the basic progression techniques in the Summer Mountain.

In our company we firmly believe that propper training is the foundation of a correct sport practice, that’s why we design realistic and achievable goals and contents in order to allow you to enjoy these low difficulty routes in the upper mountain with autonomy and security.

  • Sport Climbing for begginers (level I)
  • Advanced sport climbing (level II)
  • Traditional climbing
  • Aid climbing
  • Canyoning for begginers
  • Advanced Canyoning
  • Mountaineering for beginners
  • Via ferrata progression
  • Orientation for begginers
  • Advanced orientation
  • On-wall self-rescue (rock climbing)
  • Self-rescue in a gorge or ravine

Nature courses

Learn the basic techniques to become a Nature Guide.
Receive good training to become a suitable guide for activities in nature. Different days of activities where we show you everything you need to know to guide, manage and supervise activities in aquatic environments, in the mountains or in adventure parks.

  • Aquatic guide module
  • Rope maneuver module
  • Guide module in mid-mountain